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Who We Help

As an Integrated Health and Wellbeing coach, L-way Wellness coach will help guide you to take small steps towards positive shifts in the area that you feel stuck or like to take proactive roles in managing life transitions, or simply improving your overall vitality.  We will work with you together to identify the goals that you would like to achieve as well as the roadblocks that you may be facing.  We will support and encourage you as you dig deeper to understand how to reframe your thinking creatively, cultivate positive emotions and nurture the new behavioral habits so that you can flip your old patterns and move towards more balanced wellbeing.  With a little help and guidance, you CAN experience a fresher and more fulfilled you!


People with Chronic Disease Risk Factors
In collaboration with your physician’s health plan, wellness coaching can help you achieve the set target to reduce the potential risk factors such as over-weight, lack of exercise routine, and unhealthy lifestyle. Coaching has proven the potential effectiveness in the whole area of chronic disease management such as hypertension, Type II diabetes, & cardiovascular disease.


Women In Life Transition
Life gives women the second chance to blossom as they are freed from childrearing, raising family and transitioning into post menopause and an empty nest. Our unique coaching model will help you realize your potential and support you to face the menopause transition more proactively and improve your satisfaction of life.  As they say about aging “we can not stop the wave, but we can learn to surf better!”, we can gracefully navigate the aging process to a more fulfilled you.


People Who Feel Stuck
Life happens. Feeling exhausted, tangled, and overwhelmed in the process of living and relationships? Let us help you through the journey and guide you through seeing yourself from different angles, learning tactics that could enlarge your love capacity and resilience to keep moving forward.  Your life is more than a daily checklist, from surviving to thriving, and together we can transform your day moment by moment.

As a health and wellbeing coach, L-way Wellness Coaching LLC, is not providing health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any physical, mental or emotional issues, disease or condition.  For more information, please check out our detailed Disclaimer.

"Change is a process, not an event.”   Dr. James Prochaska

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